Dr Anthoneo Cortex – Crafty Paper Creations

My friend Anthony has made some pretty amazing things out of paper for gifts. Things like cards and a multitude of ornaments. This does mean that most often turns up very very late for your Birthday, but you do get a super paper treat, that’s well worth the wait! (Another theory is that he is in-fact a figment of my imagination and only appears when I have drunk enough)

Anyone that has an Anthony paper creation, please send me a picture and I will upload.

This fabulous Peacock was made to tie in with the theme of our wedding. It sat proud at the wedding reception, although it mysteriously vanished?

Death from a 1000 paper Cuts, or as I call her my little flower ninja.



Clank from the game Ratchet and Clank appropriately placed next to the toaster for this picture.


The home for lost penguins


Knowing how much a fan I am of the Powerpuff Girls he made me a Buttercup. Who was awesome 🙂 (ok so this isn’t the one he made – which was better, but she fell and got squished which is not the sort of thing that would happen to the real Buttercup )

Warning kids – paper is fragile



  1. Sooooo, you’ve managed to do what an evil genius such as me, could only dream about .. .. .. you killed a Powerpuff Girl!



    I will endeavor to make a synthetic replacement (well, a paper one at least)

    x x x x x

  2. Amazing stuff !! Super Duper Impressed… and WANT SUMMIT to …..