This post is dedicated to some of my favourite super hero visualisations.

The Teen Titans


This version of Teen Titans was Produced by Glen Murakami. The cartoon really stood out for me. I found it funny, quirky and highly entertaining to watch. He also designed the new versions of the characters, bringing a fantastic Japanese influence to the style. I really like  the way  they have been designed in such a clean and vibrant way, with big heads, hands and feet. They also look younger than their original counterparts, making them way more appealing to a younger viewing audience . Glen Murakami refers to this adaptation as an ‘action comedy’

DC Universe Online

One of the best game trailers I have watched. Although I have not played the game yet, I have watched and shown this trailer many times. A lot of people have remarked that it would make a brilliant animated film, and I agree!

The Powerpuff Girls


Saving the world before bedtime.

Created by Craig McCracken, the visual styling and humour is brilliant, for both child and adult alike. With a great variety of crazy villians and masses of cultural references. Who wouldn’t love the Powerpuff Girls!


Batman: The Animated Series


Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski designed the series, giving it a distinctive film noir and art deco feel. The animation didn’t use industry standard illustration techniques, but  instead used light colours painted on black backgrounds.

The series was partially inspired by Frank Miller’s comic book Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Tim Burton’s live-action films Batman and Batman Returns, and Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons produced by  in the 1940s.